I Was Tired of Seeing Frustrated Biz Owners Waste Money on
Pinterest Ads Who Thought it Looked Easy Enough to DIY It.

That’s Why I Built the...

Pin Ads Accelerator

The 12-week high-touch group plus 1:1 coaching program for business owners who want 
hands on training & personalized feedback to build profitable Pinterest ads.

Perfect for: Course or Digital Product Creators who have tried to run 
their own Pinterest ads without success or DIYers who are ready 
to learn how to run Pinterest Ads for themselves

Eliminate your tech headaches

Learn how to set up Pin Tags correctly from the start ….no more empty analytics reports

Stop throwing money at ads that don’t perform.

Leverage the #1 secret that will get your funnel Pinterest-ready

Target the right audience

Research keywords correctly & confidently so you can let go of the spray-and-pray method

Get off the content creation hamster wheel 

Use powerful ads that keep working long after your competitors’ Facebook Ads have fatigued

Optimize & scale your ads

Dive into your analytics so you know exactly what to fix and when to scale so they keep adding leads to your email list even while you’re on vacation

How the Pin Ads Accelerator Works...

  • ​You’ll log into the membership area where the week’s topic and tasks are added.
  • ​We’ll meet as a group for the weekly Q&A calls to answer questions you have on the module’s content.
  • ​We'll meet 1:1 for 4 - 30 minute bi-weekly Zoom calls where you’ll get personalized feedback and help from me where you need it.
Phase 1: Funnel Tech Set Up in a Snap 
Get your funnel tech set up correctly so you’re not throwing money at ads before they’re ready to convert
Is your funnel Pinterest ready? Certain types of funnels tend to work better than others because of how pinners use Pinterest (HINT: It’s different than Facebook).
You’ll come away with a funnel in a format that converts well on Pinterest growing your email list and making sales
Are your Pinterest Pin Tags set up correctly? Did you know that Pin Tags are similar to your Facebook Pixel and need to be added to your sign up, sales, and checkout pages in the correct places? 
You’ll come away with funnels pixeled with the correct event codes, where to place them so you can track the best KPIs for your funnel, and be able to pixel future funnels when you run more ads  
Phase 2: Pin Ads Success Blueprint
Learn the 3 key steps to pin ads success
Keyword research is essential to success with your ads because it’s how you are found on Pinterest, like Google SEO (but less scary & MUCH easier!)
You’ll come away with your keyword list custom to your business niche and the three best places to research your campaign keywords.
All about audiences: what type you need, how to set them up, when to use the different types, & how to update them
•You’ll come away with your specific audience action plan so you’re targeting the right people at the right time
Designing your ad creative for success - you’ll learn Pinterest best practices plus the three things that you should have on every pin before you start running ads
You’ll create pins for your ads that are eye-catching, get people to click, and take action
•You’ll have a customized set of pin templates so you never have to create pins from scratch again...YES!
Phase 3: Ready, Set, Launch! 
You’ve gathered and created all the necessary pieces. Now it’s time to put it all together to create your strategy & launch your ads.
What type of ad should you choose? Should you choose a Consideration or Conversion campaigns? Warm audiences or cold audiences?
You’ll come away with your strategic plan ready to target your ideal audiences
What is campaign budget optimization?
Learn how to structure your ad campaigns for the best return on your ad budget
How much should you spend? We’ll be discussing ad budgets. (The question on everyone’s minds!)
What happens if my ads get denied or aren’t spending your budget?
•You’ll know how to create ads that won’t be denied and what to do if your ads don’t start spending your budget
•You’ll confidently launch your ads that are correctly set up targeting your ideal Pinterest audience that is craving your unique solution
Phase 4: Analytics Analysis - (Not Paralysis) 
Don’t let analytics overwhelm you! How to read your analytics to figure out your next best move. Do you troubleshoot or scale?
Are your ads performing? 
•Create a custom dashboard and reports to read your analytics at a glance and know what to do next. 
Oh no! What to do if your ads are not performing?
•Learn how to fix underperforming ads and get them converting
Congratulations! You’ve gotten your first leads/sales 
•Learn how to scale your ads to bring in more leads & sales
Ad fatigue is real 
•Feel confident because you know what to expect and will have a plan in place for what to do when it strikes 
For Extra Support

Plus + Facebook Group

It's always more fun in a group 
where you can collaborate with other 
business owners running their ads like 
getting feedback on your pin designs.
In case You Get stuck

Plus + 30-Minute SOS Call

NO business owner is left behind!
I would hate for you to get stuck, fall behind, and then lose momentum. If you run into trouble, call SOS, and I'll be there to help!
Polish Up Your Pinterest Profile

PLUS + Pinterest course

If you're new to Pinterest, you'll need
to have your Pinterest profile set up. You'll get instant access to the course so you or 
your VA can get that set up before we begin.
Save yourself a ton of time not to mention brain space by not having to learn everything yourself and then train your team member to take it over. 

Bring your Tech VA or Ads Manager along to help by learning how to research keywords, create stunning graphics, and gather analytics so you can review them to chart your next move...

You're valuable team member can then rinse and repeat every time you have a new lead magnet or offer to try.

-All recordings and additional information will be kept in the membership area where you’ll have unlimited access once the 12 weeks is over
-My super simple tracking system so you can review your ad results at a glance
-All the workbooks, checklists, and pin templates you need to keep everything organized and in one place
-One click subscribe Google calendar so you don’t miss a call or meeting

We interviewed a few Ad managers but it was really tough to find someone to begin with that ran Pinterest Ads and on top of that, had a proven track record of success! You (Karrie) had both so it was a no-brainer." 

Esther Inman, CEO, Virtual Assistant Internship
I am purposely keeping this program limited to


Imagine the relief and stress off your shoulders now that you have another traffic source that is growing your email list or making sales on autopilot, and you’ve weaned your business
off the dependency of expensive Facebook ads. 
Did you know Pinterest ads act the same as pins &
will continue to bring you rewards weeks, months, 
or even years after you turn off your ads?
frequently asked questions

What about the ad spend? How much should I plan to spend?

Plan to spend a minimum of $1 - $3k in ad spend over the 45 days for consideration campaigns. The first 30-45 days will be setting up your ads and you will have at least one ad running. This budget is needed to test different audiences and creative with a minimum of $20 per ad set per day.

What if I don’t have a product to sell or a sales funnel?

In order to see success in Pin Ads Accelerator, you will need to have a course or digital product to sell, a lead magnet or free info session that we will run ads to first. Then you’ll want a follow up offer whether it be a tripwire or a sales funnel with an offer and order bump. You’ll want to have your email sequence in place so that if they don’t purchase immediately, you can nurture them via your email sequence.

What if I barely have a Pinterest profile set up? Will this Pinterest Ads Accelerator work for me?

I always recommend having your Pinterest profile set up so you look like the legitimate business owner that you are. People like to check out who they buy from and if they visit your profile to see it barely filled out, it’s going to look sketchy. Before you get started with the accelerator, you’ll want to have at least 10 - 15 boards set up with a minimum of 10 pins each (preferably filled with some of your content too). If you need help getting your Pinterest profile set up, I’ve included access to my Pinterest course, Pinning Foundations. You’ll have access to the course immediately after you sign up so you can go through the course quickly to get your profile set up before the first week’s content gets dropped into the membership area. (You can never go wrong adding FREE organic Pinterest traffic to your business strategy.) ;)

Will this work for any niche/product?

This will work for any niche/product with an audience on Pinterest along with keywords & search terms. I suggest doing some research first by typing into Pinterest’s search bar to see if there are search terms that come up for your niche. You should read Pinterest’s Advertising Guidelines if you fall into a questionable niche, for example: health related or financial services or if you live outside the US. If you have any questions before signing up, please reach out and ask. You can send an email to hello@karriemarie.com.

How long will I have access to the content?

You’ll still have unlimited access once the 12 weeks is over to the coaching calls, content, and Pinning Foundations. I want you to continue to be able to run ads for new offers!

Could I learn Pinterest Ads as a Pinterest VA and do this for clients?

This is a done-with-you course plus 1:1 personalized coaching feedback program. You probably won’t get any benefit unless you have your own offer that you want to run Pinterest Ads for.
STOP lining Zuckerberg’s pockets. Get your product or course in the 
hands of your audience who need you to solve their problems, 
and enjoy the rewards of entrepreneurship!

I’m keeping this as a small group so you can be certain you’ll get 
all the personalized attention and feedback you need so 
there are only 10 seats available to work with me!

You’ll get all the extra hand holding! ;)

Pin Ads Accelerator

Build yourself another stream of traffic & ditch the dependency on FB ads!

-12 weekly Q & A Zoom calls for 60 minutes
-4 1:1 calls with me personally to get feedback
-All recordings and additional information kept in a membership area 
-Super simple tracking system 
-Workbooks, checklists, and pin templates 
-One click subscribe Google calendar 


-Pop up Facebook group
-Access to my Pinterest course 
-30-minute SOS call
-Bring a team member 

Today's Price = $1900
or 3 Monthly Payments of $700

Still Have Questions?

Just send me a message at Hello@KarrieMarie.com
Disclaimer - This presentation is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to starting a successful freelance business. 
Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the presentation, a program will be offered for purchase.

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